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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 466 – Warming Up Slowly

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 466. On this episode, Erk features a range of Australian bands courtesy of AirPlay Direct. The episode starts acoustically & gradually warms up – much like the heater in the Erk FM studio. Lots of music & not a lot of talking – just the way a music podcast should be!



Song list (all times approximate):



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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 434 – Growing Up & Finishing School

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 434. On this episode, Erk features two Australian bands.  First up, The Grownups were an Australian indie band in the 1980’s. They produced 2 singles & an EP but parted ways before making an album. 20 years later, they reformed and produced their debut album.


The second band is Adelaide based band The Finishing School. They have toured throughout Australia with bands such as Evermore & James Reyne. They have also appeared on Australian TV including playing live on My Restaurant Rules in 2010.


Music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


The Grownups song list:

  • Beautiful Rain
  • Stay Strong
  • The Grand Illusion
  • My Hideaway
  • When I Discover You
  • The Very Move (The Very Twist)
  • Lucky Me



The Finishing School song list:

  • Rugs & Blankets
  • Starting A Conga Line
  • Goold Old Fashioned Heroes
  • May
  • Sally’s Song
  • Childhood Witch
  • Party Animals
  • Heroes Reprise 


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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 258 – Handballing With Your Kang Out

Welcome to episode 258 of Erk FM: Australia. The episode commences with bands that Erk has seen live lately, a new song from Fronz Arp, another song from Strangejuice & then some bands who may or may not be together any more. Erk will tell you about the strangest band warm-up ever! Erk thinks that it is important to get bands to play well together but didn’t have what he saw at the Kang gig in mind! […]

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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 256 – Morning Mealroom Surprise

Welcome to episode 256 of Erk FM: Australia. On last week’s episode, Erk played a voicemail from a listener without knowing exactly who it was right at the end of the show. While at his place of employment (the day job, the one that pays the bills!), Erk discovered exactly who the voicemail messenger was! After a lengthy conversation about music, Erk found another reason to play Safety Dance on this episode! […]

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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 216 – Gypsies & Returning Travellers

Welcome to episode 216 of Erk FM: Australia. This episode features some artists that have been played on Erk FM before & others who are new to the show. Some of them found Erk FM via Twitter & Facebook & others Erk found on AirPlay Direct. Erk is in the middle of some epic weekend gigs where he has been finding a lot of great music! […]