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Erk To The Diary Room

Erk To The Diary Room 20 – Back To The Block

Welcome to episode 20 of Erk To The Diary Room. Erk is in Melbourne for his birthday & visits the location of Channel 9’s The Block: Sky High & chats about other TV shows he has been watching. He also goes to a Melbourne landmark for a visit.  There is a bit of a crossover between the latter part of this episode of Erk To The Diary Room & Erk’s travel podcast Erk Pod. Erk had not finished releasing Erk Pod episodes from his trip to America in January/February 2013 so featuring content from August 2013 on Erk Pod in the middle of the American content would have been strange.


You’ll hear the Melbourne comedy earworm that Erk had stuck in his head (see the shownotes for the video) & a lot lot more. […]

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Erk To The Diary Room

Erk To The Diary Room 19 – Erk’s TV Watching Has Been Sky High!

Erk knows that it has been a while since an episode of Erk To The Diary Room! However, a big problem with hosting a TV & entertainment podcast is that you have to watch TV to do it. For some shows, this is easy. But if you like watching the sort of shows Erk likes to talk about, you just can’t want one episode & that’s it. While some of these shows are weekly, others are daily or at least several times a week.


Sneak peeks are annoying as are shows that promise so much every year but deliver nothing. Also, is social media helpful or not when it comes to watching TV?


Shows discussed (links to IMDB or Wikipedia):


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Erk To The Diary Room

Erk To The Diary Room 18 – Life In Suburbia

Welcome to episode 18 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk takes a look at life in suburbia according to TV featuring two very different examples.


Opening the episode with Portlandia, Erk relates how he thinks that Portlandia falls into the “Funny because it’s true” category. Erk has been to Portland OR where the series is based & found that because he can identify with the people and places, he can relate to the show more than someone who has no idea about anything PDX.


Looking closer to home, Erk then talks about Housos. There’s a line of progression from pizza delivery (Pizza), couriering (Swift & Shift Couriers) and suburban living (Housos) in Sydney. Many of the cast appear on all three programs which usually feature a lot of strong language, unrealistic scenes and some low brow humour. All 3 shows do have their moments of laugh out loud humour, though. There are some B & C grade celebrities familiar to Australian viewers that might not translate well for American viewers.


There’s a quick update about The Block: Sky High (Erk couldn’t think of the full name of the show at the time!) and Wentworth. […]

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Erk To The Diary Room

Erk To The Diary Room 16 – Back From The Home Of TV!

Welcome to episode 16 of Erk To The Diary Room. On the first episode of 2013, Erk has returned from America, the spiritual home of TV. However due to his tight schedule & doing touristy things, Erk did not actually watch a lot of TV in America. He did, however, watch some TV in Mexico. This will be the subject of a future episode.


This episode was recorded in Erk’s car as usual (for this podcast at least). However, he has a new microphone for his iPhone that he uses to record this podcast. The Rode iXY microphone plugs into the bottom of the iPhone but this does present some first world podcaster problems as Erk will mention.


On returning home, Erk has been catching up on TV. While he was away, The Block All Stars was being shown on Channel 9 in Australia. Meant as a way to bring back couples from previous series but up the pressure on them, they had to complete a house restoration & renovation in 6 weeks. Erk spoke about The Block’s 2012 season on episode 2 (Australia) & episode 13  (New Zealand). He also visited the location of 2012’s series in Melbourne on episode 14.


Partly linked to his new railway podcast on Channel Erk (On The Rails With Erk), Erk discusses a railway documentary season that he watched on You Tube called The Railway: Keeping Britain On Track.  Similar to other similar English shows he spoke about in episode 4, this is a rarely seen side to the inner workings of a complex railway organisation. It is a BBC production but due to their geo-blocking policies, Erk was only able to see it here via You Tube.


Speaking on UK series, Erk has been watching Truckers on BBC Knowledge (Foxtel). Shown on Channel 5 in the UK, the series is based on the happenings of the Eddie Stobart company. Erk briefly speaks about how the show has grown & the truckers themselves are becoming stars thanks to the show & social media. […]

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Erk Pod

Erk Pod 381 – Your Pink Eye Is Blocktacular, Erk!

Welcome to episode 381 of Erk Pod. The episode starts in St Kilda which is located in the inner southern suburbs of Melbourne. Erk likens this area to both Kings Cross & Newtown in Sydney. He goes for a walk along the main street, wonders out loud how his pink eye is going and then goes to Melbourne’s Luna Park. After this, he hops on a tram & heads to a place which might be more relevant for his TV/entertainment podcast Erk To The Diary Room. […]