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Erk To The Diary Room

Erk To The Diary Room 10 – Episode 10 Take 10!

Welcome to episode 10 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk tells about the drama which led to the loss of the original episode 10 as well as several attempts of episode 11. The application Bossjock Studio is a great application when it works and Erk is working with the developers to improve the application. Now that the problem is known and Erk has worked on some tips to make things easier, he can continue recording this podcast from the Mobile Diary Room. […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 119 – Catching Up

Welcome to episode 119 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy discuss some recent happenings that we did not discuss on episode 118 as it was dedicated to Emma Dean. Our feature artist this week is UK band Never The Bride which was suggested to Erk on Twitter (thanks, Rachel!) as he was stuck in a traffic jam a few weeks ago. […]