October 1, 2023

Erk To The Diary Room

Erk TV




Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room, a new podcast to Channel Erk but also one of the oldest. Erk originally started podcasting in May 2007, talking about (among other things) the Australian version of the reality TV series Big Brother. After covering the 2007 & 2008 series with the podcast Erk To The Diary Room, Erk moved on to other podcasts & Big Brother went to the TV wastelands … until 2012, that is!


Big Brother is back in 2012 in Australia on a new network and Erk To The Diary Room also returned – but in a new format. Erk talks about a range of TV shows, movies, other entertainment and more – not just talking about Big Brother. 


Episodes will alternate between most episodes being recorded in Erk’s car (his mobile Diary Room?) and occasional episodes from the Channel Erk studio.


Recent Episodes


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