Erk Pod 237 – Erk’s Brain Matters!

This is the December 2009 interview between Erk & OG (short for Ordinary Guy) of the Brains Matter podcast. This happened to be Erk’s first Erk Pod interview and the first time that OG had been interviewed by another podcaster. This interview was conducted outdoors at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow hotel in Melbourne. During this episode, we talk about Brains Matter (the podcast), science and the media, science via sport and more. To hear Erk’s original interview with OG many episodes and 2+ years previously, click here.



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Episode Info

Duration: 47 minutes

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  1. I bet you guyshed dished out all the good dirt during those times when the wind noise caused the recording cut out. Anyway, good interview. Brains Matter rules. Even though there hasn’t been a show yet about quasars.

  2. Elephant and Wheelbarrow hotel! LOL 😀

    Great interview with OG from Brains Matter. Gotta like the smart podcasters!

    Good luck with the live podcast experience at the bookstore, OG. Sounds exciting! If I lived closer, I’d go watch.

  3. What are you doing to me Erk!!! Here’s another podcast I want to listen to as I’m also very interested in Sicience and Physics. I demand 48 hours days!!

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