Erk Pod Round Table 12, Part 5 (Dec 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 5 (Final). 95 minutes. Episode 167
In this episode:
  • Erk starts with some wacky news headlines
  • Funny Prime Minister headline
  • Lady banned for buying Xmas crackers at age 22
  • Coke shouldn’t be used for birth control
  • Hitman
  • Man lied about his name, tattoo of his name was on his neck
  • Man went to help cat & got stuck
  • Man claims Medicare rebates for birth expenses
  • Having large breasts is not an illness: study
  • “World’s Worst Jockey” wins a race
  • Various things where they shouldn’t be
  • Drunk English women get given thongs by Police
  • Blow up sex workers advertise a garden gnome business
  • Woman cuts off husband’s penis to teach him about affairs
  • Man breaks into apartment, finds dead body
  • Man sues hospital for forced anal exam
  • Firemen get stuck in lift during a fire inspection
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary):  The Bumper Sticker Song – Last November
  • On hold music
  • Have you started your ‘Allo ‘Allo collection?
  • Leigh the (lack of) Voice Over Guy joins in after Erk learns that it is him trying to call
  • Dressing up as the Addams Family
  • 24 Hour Podcast with Todd Cochrane started a few hours after recording this Round Table
  • First woman on the Round Table in the studio and on the mic?
  • Thanks to everyone who joined us earlier
  • Shout out to Erk’s mum who has her own iPod and listens to Erk Pod
  • Farewell everyone (eventually!!)
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Peace to the World – Andrew Hand
  • BONUS: The entire highlights package of Drue’s first episode
  • BONUS: The pre-show recording by Richard before the start of the Round Table



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Duration: 95 minutes

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