Erk Pod Round Table 11, Part 3 (Nov 2008)

In the Erk Pod studio were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

In this episode:

  • Welcome back
  • Welcome Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • The “Erk Pod Voice Over Guy Off” between Orange Tim and Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • It was very close (and Nathan said that both could have done better!) but the winner is ___________”
  • Talking yourself up on your CV
  • Erk Pod Idol
  • Welcome Shawno
  • The various Phantom Power Media studios
  • Shawno’s SPAM hoodie
  • Leigh doing voice overs for Nathan before he knew that Nathan was Nathan
  • Doing voice over work for things such as telephone menus
  • Railway voice overs
  • Re-telling the story of Steve re-telling the story of Erk telling the story of vomiting out the window
  • Opening train doors
  • Playing a game of “Bunny says”
  • Farewell, Leigh
  • Welcome back, Drue (who is on delay listening on uStream)
  • We have solved the uStream problem that people listening live had but you won’t notice on the podcast version. Drue thinks it was due to a Flash problem
  • Music Double Shot: Hypocrite – Melissa Ferrick
  • Music Double Shot: Book of Lies – Miranda Vettrus



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Duration: 55 minutes

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