Erk To The Penalty Box 002 – Winterhawks Game 2 (Sean Norris Arena Announcer Interview)

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Welcome to part 2 of an interview recorded in Portland OR in January 2014 with Erk & Portland Winterhawks WHL announcer Sean “The Pipes” Norris. It is a continuation of the discussion in episode 1 and goes more into depth about the Winterhawks, the differing factors of the various “inside baseball” announcer scenarios & game day experiences. 


Theme & Intermission music provided by The Zambonis & post-game entertainment supplied by DominoNational Anthem performed by a US Army band.


1st Period:

  • Who are the Winterhawks supporters?
  • Teddy Bear Toss
  • How are the Winterhawks going?
  • Match review – Winterhawks v Moose Jaw Warriors
  • Open Curtain Game
  • Match Review – Winterhawks v Spokane Chiefs
  • Erk’s behind the scenes tour at the Moda Centre
  • Meeting the cheerleaders & mascot
  • Dancing on ice


1st Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni!
  • Let’s Go Rangers!
  • Shot … Score!


2nd Period:

  • What is a Zamboni & why is it important?
  • Why not letting Erk drive the Zamboni was probably a good idea
  • The Fanboni!
  • Kiss Cam!
  • Match review – Winterhawks v Vancouver
  • Noises hockey players hate and goal tenders like
  • Emptying the net
  • What happens when things go wrong?


2nd Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni!
  • Avalanche!
  • Breakaway


3rd Period:

  • What happens when the home team scores and the visiting team scores
  • Deflating depression when losing a championship
  • Hearing your own voice on highlights reels
  • Listening to other arena announcers
  • “… you’ve left your lights on”
  • “… would you like to marry …..?”
  • Proposing to several people a year via the PA system
  • Having a producer in your ear
  • What’s coming up for the Winterhawks?
  • Following the Winterhawks from afar
  • More cowbell!


Post Game Entertainment:

  • Caravan – Domino (direct)
  • The Hunter – Domino (direct)


Domino are an independent/unsigned female fronted rock/prog rock band from Sydney with a Middle Eastern/Arabian feel. They have been featured on many occasions on Erk’s music podcast Erk FM: Australia.

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