State Of The Channel Erk – Introducing 2 New Podcasts!

Erk is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new talk podcasts on Channel Erk – in part to celebrate 7 years of podcasting. There will be preview episodes to set up the feeds and submission to iTunes. The relevant show pages will be updated when required.


Preview episodes for both new shows will feature on the feeds for both shows. This introduction and Channel Erk report features on all Channel Erk shows.


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White Courtesy Phone 1400 x 1400 March 2014


  • Release Day: Generally non music days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Frequency: Occasional
  • First episode: May 2014
  • Last episode: New podcast
  • Theme Music: Battle Plane by Territory (Creative Commons) with additional sound byte.
  • Expect to hear: Travel tips, suggestions, features, guests. 
  • Subscriptions are not available at this time. 
  • Not available yet via the Channel Erk Mega Feed
  • Erk To The White Courtesy Phone information


Erk To The White Courtesy Phone is a travel based podcast where Erk shares travel stories, tips and news. The show will be released as episodes are recorded. The show was conceived during Erk’s 2014 US trip. The name comes from a scene in one of Erk’s favourite movie, Airplane (known in Australia as Flying High). Erk was amazed with the number of “…. to the white courtesy phone” calls over the PA system at American airports.



Power Play 1400 X 1400 May 2014




  • Release Day: Thursdays
  • Frequency: Weekly during Australian ice hockey season (April – September). Occasional during Australian off-season.
  • First episode: July 2014
  • Last episode: New podcast
  • Theme Music: To Be Advised.
  • Expect to hear: Discussion about the sport of ice hockey in Australia (AIHL) and North America (WHL, NHL)
  • Expect to read: Match previews, match reports, opinions. 
  • Subscriptions are not available at this time. 
  • Not available yet via the Channel Erk Mega Feed
  • Erk To The Penalty Box information


Erk To The Penalty Box is a new podcast that is based on the sport of ice hockey. Erk properly discovered the game in America in early 2014 thanks to watching the Western Hockey League. After returning to Australia, Erk discovered the Australian Ice Hockey League. Since discovering the game back home, Erk is physically located between the two Sydney based teams.


The podcast was originally going to be a project starting in 2015. However, Erk has written articles for the AIHL and Hewitt Sports including opinion, news, game previews and recaps. The podcast will commence after Erk returns from Europe at the end of June and will be weekly during the Australian season (April – September).

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