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Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 463 which is focused on 3 Canadian artists courtesy of AirPlay Direct. By the time you are hearing this episode, Erk should be back in Australia from his second overseas trip of the year which included a visit to the People’s Republic of Canadia (hello, Shawno!). 





Firstly is award-winning Americana (shouldn’t that be Canadiana???) artist Matt Andersen. He is a multiple Maple Blues award winner amongst other awards inside & outside his homeland. He has just completed another North American tour.



Song list:

  • I Lost My Way
  • Weightless
  • Alberta Gold
  • What Will You Leave
  • Ain’t No Sunshine




Secondly, Jadea Kelly discovered her voice is a mixture between old and new. Her music has heavy orchestration & layered harmonies. She has previously been nominated for an Canadian Folk Music Award in 2010 as an emerging artist. Having left a heavy touring schedule in 2012,  Jadea had to slow down from life on the road. After doing so, she recorded many acoustic songs which set her on her way down another path,


Song list:

  • Wild West Rain
  • Powell River
  • Lone Wolf
  • Mary Don’t Go
  • You Had Me
  • Saintly Stare
  • Hour North
  • Clover
  • I’ll Be
  • Count On
  • Violet



Finally, Robin Banks is comfortable with performing jazz, classic R & B, soul & reggae. Born in Canada close to Detroit, she moved to Dallas & then Jamaica, gaining experience with various artists and styles along the way. She won a new artist award at the Maple Blues Awards and has also been nominated for female vocalist of the year on several occasions at the same awards.



Song list:

  • A Man Is Just A Man
  • Crazy
  • Superhero
  • My Baby Loves Me
  • I Really Dig You
  • I’ll Meet You There
  • Some Day Soon
  • A Place In The City
  • Tonight
  • You Boogie Too Fast For Me
  • A Little Bit Of Heaven

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