Erk FM Metal Monday 158 – Dangerously Powering Around The World

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Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 158. On this episode, Erk thought that he would go on a musical voyage of discovery thanks to his music supplier AirPlay Direct and see what hard rock and metal he could find from around the world. These bands come from places around the world that Erk would not normally get submissions from. The internet gods were against Erk however we got through it!


Sometimes trusting the artists to be accurate in their descriptions of their genre – as Erk finds out from time to time – is dangerous. Sometimes letting Erk use a computer is dangerous – and frustrating!



Song list:

  • Memories – Phantasma (AirPlay Direct)
  • Gospel  – Phantasma (AirPlay Direct)
  • Inquisition  – Phantasma (AirPlay Direct)
  • Screams – Mugo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Eight –  Mugo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Dreaming Awake – Mugo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Silent Souls – Vougan (AirPlay Direct)
  • Unspeakable  – Vougan (AirPlay Direct)
  • Behind The Lies – Vougan (AirPlay Direct)
  • Enemy In You – Tempestt (AirPlay Direct)
  • Higher (I Can Land)  – Tempestt (AirPlay Direct)
  • New Messiah – Ripthor (AirPlay Direct)
  • Still I Love  – Ripthor (AirPlay Direct)
  • Tantalizing Maiden – Enthrall (AirPlay Direct)
  • Void – Enthrall (AirPlay Direct)
  • Knight Templar – Avishay Mizrav (AirPlay Direct)
  • Don’t Even Sigh – Red Princess (AirPlay Direct)
  • Angel – Angelika & Demons (AirPlay Direct)
  • Razor To The Skin – Illidiance (AirPlay Direct)
  • Blood On The Face – Grenouer (AirPlay Direct)
  • Brain Fever – Grenouer (AirPlay Direct)
  • Golden Years – Grenouer (AirPlay Direct)
  • Sands Of Silence – Grenouer (AirPlay Direct)
  • Midday Show – Grenouer (AirPlay Direct)

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