Erk Pod 207 – Erk prepares to leave the US

Welcome to episode 207 of Erk Pod. This really should have been episode 206 as Erk explains at the start of the episode. This episode was recorded with the assistance of some alcohol at the Super 8 LAX Airport just prior to leaving for the US. This is the last Erk Pod episode recorded in the US. Erk provides an update about his last week in the US and what he did on his last day in the US.

The next episode of Erk Pod will be episode 208 which will cover Erk’s flight home to Australia and a couple of things that have happened since being home.



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Episode Info

Duration: 36 minutes

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  1. Thanks for the Hyper Nonsense shout- out, next to “The Horns of Fail”. 🙂

    Oooh… thunder! I miss thunderstorms! 🙂

    “The steak defeated me”. Now, there’s something you don’t hear on Erk Pod very often.

    I am glad that you had fun running around this big fat country of ours. Was so nice to see you while you were here!

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