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Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 422. On this episode, Erk features some rocking ladies that he has featured before here but not for some time. If you are a long term listener to Erk FM: Australia, you know that Erk enjoys female fronted bands & female solo artists.



Opening the episode is Lisa Maxwell. When Erk first featured Lisa, her style was rock. However, later she changed styles to more acoustic songs. The second artist on the episode is Nia Robertson. Starting life in a country and/or western family, she later changed genres to rock. However after some life events, she went back to her roots & back to country.



Following Nia is a quick couple of tracks from Nikki Teeuw to end the episode. A different style of music to the artists immediately before her on the episode, Nikki loves to before electronica, dance, pop, funk, trip-hop & more. She has a wide range of influences & collaborates with a wide variety of producers. 


All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


Lisa Maxwell song list:

  • Select Vacancy
  • Out Of Sight
  • Waste Of A Life
  • Harmonic Rock
  • Delusion


Nia Robertson song list:

  • Sleeping With The TV On
  • Those Were The Days
  • Lest We Forget
  • Spirit Of Elvis (It Never Snows)


Nikki Teeuw song list:

  • Got My Groove Back
  • The Fall


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