Erk Pod 436 – Spiritual Erk Pod Episode 400 In SLO

Erk at SLO PD[bq_left]Erk Pod 436 – Spiritual Erk Pod Episode 400 In SLO[/bq_left]









Welcome to Erk Pod episode 436! On this episode, Erk has finally arrived in San Luis Obispo, home of the infamous SLO Double Decker bus, the not so infamous SLO Trolley & good friends Shawno & Jen, most recently of the No Market podcast. Erk is making his second visit to SLO. On his first trip in 2009, Erk’s first stop after LA was SLO. On this occasion, SLO is Erk’s last stop before LA & heading home to Australia.


Much of this episode’s content was originally recorded by Shawno as No Market Radio episode 26. It is a good summary of Erk’s time in SLO in particular as well as the trip as a whole. This episode is the spiritual episode 400 of Erk Pod. Ok, it happened as episode 436 but what better way to summarise the trip!

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