Erk FM: Metal Monday 86 – Deadfest 2013

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Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 86. Recorded on location at Deadfest 2013, there was an afternoon & evening filled with hard rock, industrial and metal. There are live recordings and interviews with all of the bands from the event in this extended episode. Just like last year’s event (check out Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 85 if you haven’t already), there was a great vibe from the event held at The Valve Bar, home to many a great live show in Sydney. And in case you didn’t know, Deadman is a dirty, dirty boy – closely followed by Foundry Bleeping Road!


Interview list:

  • JJ Sirman, creator of The Suburban Movement documentary about the western Sydney metal scene
  • Civility Lost
  • Acey from Not Another Sequel Just Another Sequel & Buzz from BuzzArt – they weren’t playing but still rocked up
  • The Damned Humans
  • Dead-Life
  • Na Maza
  • Domino
  • Acid Nymph
  • Foundry Road
  • Red Bee
  • Amodus
  • Attila (Coredea) & Don (Upside Miss Jane)


Artist list:

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