Erk To The Diary Room 06 – Music & Sport

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Welcome to episode 6 of Erk To The Diary Room, recorded once again in the mobile Diary Room (Erk’s car). Seeing as though Erk is recording this episode after a gig, Erk talks about music. Erk is heavily involved in promoting indie & unsigned music – also check out Erk’s music podcasts at Erk FM.


The first half of this episode gives you insights into music from Erk’s point of view as someone who is trying to promote music. On the second half of the episode, Erk talks about sport on TV – here in Australia we often get the best of everything in worldwide sport.


Theme: TV Star by Predator (used under a Creative Commons licence).


Music within episode: Enemy by Heaven The Axe (used with permission via Erk FM).

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  1. Being without cable/satellite TV, I can’t say for sure now how much non-North American sport makes its way onto American television. Like most things in America, I’m sure the level of sport we import is far less than the amount we export.

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