Erk Pod 369 – From The City To The Coast To The Valley

[bq_left]Erk Pod 369 – From The City To The Coast To The Valley[/bq_left]







Photo – Erk has an access all areas pass for a gig on the Gold Coast. This added stop on the trip was prompted by a promoter after Erk said he was going to Brisbane.





Welcome to episode 369 of Erk Pod. The episode starts in Sydney as Erk prepares to leave Sydney for the Gold Coast, Brisbane & New Zealand. Erk flies to the Gold Coast, does a good deed at the beach & has an interesting walk through Fortitude Valley late at night.

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  1. Remarkable that the hotel is that close to the airport and yet it was so quiet inside the room. I’d like to know what they’re using for soundproofing!

    I just recently found the Planefinder website. I wish it tracked planes from smaller airports (like SBP) but alas, it only follows the jumbos. Still, it’s kinda cool to know what flights are flying overhead when they do go over. Jumbos are usually at cruising altitude when they fly over here, so sometimes, you barely notice them as they’re up so high. They’re much more noticeable at night when there’s less noise.

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