Erk Pod Special – Erk’s Chat With Tee Morris at Balticon 43

Balticon 43 was a massive weekend for both Erk & Tee Morris. Tee was a great guy to hang out with over the weekend. Apart from being his usual self, he also arranged many of the interviews on “The Balticon Special That Never Ends.”

This interview was recorded late on Sunday night and you’ll hear a very different side to Tee than you ever have on Erk Pod. But that is the way that the weekend was. The full episodes of  “The Balticon Special That Never Ends” are Erk Pod episodes 203 & 204.

Straight after this conference, Tee was off to New Zealand for a 2 week visit talking about podcasting, social media and more. So what would Tee do on a plane for 18 hours?

[Tee’s website]

[Imagine That Studios]



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Duration: 14 minutes

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