Erk Pod Special – Erk’s chat with Scott Sigler at Balticon 43

I’m a late comer to the powerful train that is Scott Sigler. Sure, I’d heard him on other podcasts. Sure, I’d seen all of the other trains zooming around the space. But it is this trip to America that saw me board the Sigler Express as it approached me.

So with a fully loaded iPod, I hit the tracks and listened to Infected. Then I found that I didn’t want to get off the train. I’d heard/read that after listening to Infected, I should move to the Contagious carriage to continue the journey.

I looked down at my iPod – no Contagious! That carriage was nowhere to be seen! So I headed to the next carriage that I had of the Sigler Express and that was Noctural. It was out of sequence but I loved it for different reasons than Infected. Then when I got back to my metaphorical train depot, I found Contagious and have now caught up with that story.

Sick mo-fo? Hell yeah! Talented? No doubt. So if you are as late for the Sigler Express as I am, listen to this chat and climb aboard. There are seats for everyone!

[Scott Sigler’s website]



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Duration: 17 minutes

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