Erk FM: International 225 – #CXCW2012 (Week 2)

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Welcome to week 2 of Couch X Couchwest (CXCW) 2012 on Erk FM: International. Following on from episode 221 which features tracks from last year’s Couch X Couchwest and last week’s episode 223 (week 1).


However, CXCW is over. All of the videos have been submitted & posted. This week’s episode is the second of 3 CXCW specials this month featuring tracks from participating artists in 2012. There are so many quality artists & so many videos to watch!


While CXCW requires video to be filmed from anywhere that isn’t a stage, there are some tracks on this episode that have been recorded in a studio environment. Some of the songs on this episode, however, are played directly from the artist’s CXCW video submission.


You can see many videos that have been created for CXCW plus a lot more about the World’s Best Online Music Festival at the official CXCW website. All music on this episode supplied directly by the artists & used with direct permission. Thank you to the CXCW team for involving me in the festival this year & helping me to promote this show while I am promoting the festival.


Song list:

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