Erk FM: Metal Monday 09 – Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.

[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 09 – Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.[/bq_left]





Photo – This week’s opening voice for Erk FM: Metal Monday is Kat from NSW Central Coast metal band Empirical – what a voice she has! Talking to her off stage & hearing her on stage are two very different things!





Welcome to episode 9 of Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk’s heavy rock/metal music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent heavy rock & metal music from across the world. This week’s episode features a lot of Australian metal.


On this week’s episode, Erk exclusively features music from Australian artists. One of them he has seen live but the rest he hasn’t. There’s some strange theories about what is metal – somewhat experimental in places! The opening voice for this week’s episode is Kat, vocalist from NSW Central Coast band Empirical.


Music supplied by AirPlay Direct,  Jamendo & the artists directly.


Song list:

  • Let The Music Begin – Snake (AirPlay Direct)
  • Call to Arms – Rattlesnake (direct)
  • Pandora’s Box – Morbal Trusk (Jamendo)
  • Dying Eyes – Corvus (Jamendo)
  • Gray Metal – Audiomachy (Jamendo)
  • Trilogy In C Minor (part 2) – Mr Crispy (Jamendo)
  • Chaos In Theory & Practice – Destruction Ritual (Jamendo)
  • I Have No Name – Zool (AirPlay Direct)
  • Twice Alive – Freestate (AirPlay Direct)
  • Still Alive – Friar Rush (AirPlay Direct)
  • Fly – Azumuth (AirPlay Direct)
  • This Brutal Embrace – Shift (AirPlay Direct)
  • Bang Ya Head – Damnzal (AirPlay Direct)

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