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Photo – Keyboards in a metal band? When it comes to NSW Central Coast metal band Empirical & their keyboardist Leash, yes please!

Welcome to episode 199 of Erk FM: International, Erk’s multi-genre music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent music from across the world every Wednesday. If you love Australian music, be sure to tune into Erk FM: Australia each Friday.

This week’s episode features non-Australian music from Bad Panda Records. To celebrate 100 songs released on the label, Bad Panda Records have allowed anyone to download the 100 songs for free & use them under the terms of each song’s licence. Thanks to Bad Panda Records for allowing me to play the songs. Thanks also to Dan from Rathole Radio who gave me the heads up during a recentish episode of his show.


The entire 100 songs are available as a single download or you can pick & choose which songs you want to use by using the links below. There is nearly 10 hours of songs available – all for free!


[Download all 100 songs] [List of 100 songs]


Last Friday’s Erk FM: Australia show (episode 198) featured a selection of songs from Australia from the list.


Song list:

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