Erk FM: Metal Monday 05 – AMPing It Up To 11!

[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 05 – AMPing It Up To 11![/bq_left]





Photo – The Queensland flood relief gig that Erk hosted in early 2011 at the Lucky Australian Tavern in St Marys was an awesome gig even if the reason for having it in the first place was far from awesome. The crowd and the bands really got into the spirit of the day with around $4000 raised over 3 days.




Welcome to episode 05 of Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk’s heavy rock/metal music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent heavy rock & metal music from across the world.

This week’s episode is episode 5 & the episode which meets an important requirement for the show being accepted as a member show of the Association of Music Podcasting. Apart from that, it’s the last episode of Rocktober. But who needs a reason to feature great metal at 11?


This week’s episode opener was supplied by Nick from Sydney band Gutter Tactic.


Music supplied by the artists directly, Dark Compass Metal ShowAirPlay DirectMusic Submit.


Song list:

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