Erk Pod 285 – Looking Back at TV (part 1)

Welcome to episode 285 of Erk Pod. On this episode Erk does something different to usual and brings you clips from TV shows that he has enjoyed that you may never have heard of. Let’s see who has heard of these shows and who hasn’t! Most of these clips are good quality clips from YouTube. Trivia and other show info from ImDB. This will continue next week with more programs featured.


Duration: 85 minutes

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  1. I watched some of those same shows when I was a kid. I never saw the series finale of “A-Team” but I remember that it seemed like it got a lot of press at the time.

  2. Dukes of Hazard was a fun show! My family used to watch that one all the time. Both of my brother’s had toy cars that looked like the General Lee in the show. I’m amused that the clip of the show you played basically had Boss Hogg intending to commit insurance fraud. There are probably a lot of things in that series that wouldn’t make it into a tv show today.

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