Erk Pod 251 – Come For A Ride With Erk

Welcome to episode 251 of Erk Pod. This episode was recorded on a train and in Erk’s car using the iTalk Lite application on his iPhone. So there will be some ambient noise! Erk thought he would get this episode recorded early because he’ll be recording an extra podcast this week.

On this episode:

  • What is Erk doing?
  • Feedback and submission for “The Plane Is About To Crash But That’s OK” held over until episode 252 next week. More submissions for these segments plus “Peanut of the Week” welcome
  • The difference between the stated annual rate & the actual annual rate
  • What a train driver needs to know about his/her route
  • Strange time of night – late afternoon people going home as the early morning people arrive
  • When is Saturday Saturday, Sunday Sunday or Sunday is still Saturday?
  • Erk thinks there needs to be a reality TV show about public transport
  • Housekeeping – What is going on across Channel Erk
  • Insomnia Radio: Australia (Erk’s latest music podcast project) now has a logo, a Facebook page & a Twitter account (@iraustralia)
  • Dead Hunt (podiobook featuring Erk) is up to episode 6 and is also now available via
  • Erk will be recording an episode of AMPed New Music Weekly for the Association of Music Podcasting  (AMP) this week for release on Monday 29 March 2010 (episode 224)
  • Chronicles of EMS – Follow the adventures of Mark (@UKMedic999) & Justin (@theHappyMedic) as they discover the differences between the UK & US paramedical systems
Duration: 87 minutes

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  1. Erk Pod meets Echo Romeo Kilo. Awesome!

    I like hearing about how the trains work, and all the train related noises.

    Considering how much stuff you have to know in order to drive the train, and do it well, I was wondering: Do you have a favorite track to drive? If so, what is it, and why do you like that one best?

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