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Erk FM: Metal Monday

Erk FM: Metal Monday 29 – Swedway Norden

Welcome to episode 29 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. On last week’s episode, Erk featured half an episode worth of metal from Finland. As it turns out according to this study (thanks, Shawno), Finland has 53.5 metal bands per 100000 people. Next comes Sweden & Norway equal on 27.2 metal bands per 100000 people. This is much more than the UK & the US who both have just over 5 metal bands per 100000 people. […]

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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 232 – Spooky The 13th

Welcome to episode 232 of Erk FM: Australia. Considering that it is Friday April 13 as this episode is released, Erk thought he’d have some fun & try a spooky playlist based on Australian artists he has played before. Even if Spookfest April 2012 fails badly, there’s a range of music of different styles and locations on this episode. Erk likes to play artists on more than one occasion, especially those who he has seen live & interviewed. […]

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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 231 – New Frontiers: Earth & Moon

Welcome to episode 231 of Erk FM: International. This week’s episode is really international including an artist from the rarely played (by Erk) country of India, the return of a couple of artists & more including a trip to the moon. Thankfully, Erk’s man flu is a lot better & he recorded the episode solo this week. Thanks to Jen for joining me last week to help a mate out! […]