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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 18 – Money, Money, Money

Welcome to this episode of Blast From The Past. On this episode:

Judy gets email (judysblast at after Erk teaches her about email and the interweb
We started the episode wanting to talk about how Judy earned pocket money as a child but we ended up talking for ages about the changeover from imperial to decimal currency in 1966 and later into metric measurement
Judy doesn’t quite understand metric and Erk’s no genius when it comes to imperial.
Doggie gets expelled from the studio and we are also interupted a couple of times
Eventually we get onto talking about how Judy earned her coin as a child
There’s a fair bit of talk about ice cream, milk shakes and horses
MUSIC: Money – Theory in Motion from the Podsafe Music Network. This is also one of the songs that David van Sunder uses as theme music for his podcast Millionaire or Bust.
Goodnight, interweb! […]

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Erk FM

Erk FM 21 – Australiana

Welcome to the third Australian music special here on Erk FM. Previous Australian music specials were episodes 8 & 10. It’s getting close to Erk’s return home to Australia so let’s celebrate with some Australian music. Today it’s not about the genre but about Australian music. […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 17 – Appliances

Welcome to episode 17 of Blast From the Past. On this episode, Erk and Judy compare various electricial appliances through the ages. Find out about washing in the old days, washing machines, ovens, bathing, heating and a lot more. And always make sure where your animals are! […]