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Erk Pod

Erk Update

Here’s a bit of an Erk update if you aren’t following me on Twitter or reading Crackbook, that is!    Today I was going to record episode 170 of Erk Pod with Drue but haven’t […]

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Erk FM

Erk FM 1 – Themes

Welcome to episode 1 of Erk FM! In this episode, Erk has found various songs that podcasters use as their theme music. Often, podcasters will use a few seconds of a song relevant to their show as their theme music but you often don’t get to hear the entire song. However on this episode, you will get to hear the songs in full! […]

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Echo 36 – Level Crossings

Welcome to episode 36 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One. In this episode, Erk is on location at the Garfield Road level crossing adjoining Riverstone railway station. He later moves to the Level Crossing Road […]