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Music Submissions On Hold

Due to Erk’s audio host going pear shaped & changing hosts, all music submissions are currently on hold for Erk FM. Submissions will be received but not dealt with until episodes resume. Obviously, Erk’s highest priority is to be able to upload episodes & to have listeners listen to them. […]

Who Knows

Find Erk FM & many other great music podcasts with the Association Of Music Podcasting

Erk FM is a proud member show of the Association of Music Podcasting (AMP).When an episode of Erk FM is released, it is also available via the AMP website. In addition, each week the Association members produce a podcast called AMPed New Music Weekly. Hosted by a different member each week, Erk hosts every episode ending with the number 9.

There are over 50 member shows of the Association covering a range of music styles from around the world. It is a great place for the musician as well as the listener to find new shows! […]