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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 481 – Blasting Back To Elephants

Welcome to episode 481 of Erk FM: International. Erk continues his look back at previous music on Channel Erk. Today, he selects episode 58 of Judy’s Blast FM. On that week, Judy presents elephant songs – if you listened to Blast From The Past, you’ll know how much Judy love elephants. Most music is supplied on this episode by the Podsafe Music Network. One thing that Erk & Judy had never been afraid of while podcasting was having unusual themes.


Song list:


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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 473 – Nanu Nanu

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 473. This week, one of Erk’s favourite comedians died unexpectedly, Robin Williams. While there’s nothing that he did that could be played on Erk FM, Erk thought that he would play some humourous songs instead.



Song list:

  • Talk The Talk – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Little Angel  – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Lovin’ You Don’t Pay  – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Boogaloo Blues – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • The Goalie Is Drunk –  The Zambonis (direct)
  • Away Game – The Zambonis (direct)
  • Here Comes The Zamboni – The Zambonis (direct)
  • America’s Worst Driver – The FuMP (direct)
  • Podcasting For Old People – The FuMP (direct)
  • I’m Not Your Personal IT Department – The FuMP (direct)
  • Tweeting On A Jet Plane – The FuMP (direct)
  • All You Can Tweet – The FuMP (direct)
  • Why Are You Friending Me On Facebook – The FuMP (direct)
  • I Hate Mondays – The FuMP (direct)
  • 99 Words For Boobs –The FuMP (direct)
  • Because Boobs –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • Sad Face Emoticon  –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • Obey The Beard  –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man – The Beards (via Suffolk & Cool) 


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Erk FM

Erk FM 138 – Devo Spice (The FuMP) interview

Welcome to episode 138 of Erk FM. This Tuesday episode sees Erk being joined in the studio by his mum Judy from Blast From The Past & Judy’s Blast FM. This episode features an interview with Devo Spice of The FuMP (The Funny Music Project). Find out more about the writing process of a comedic songwriter & where Devo has some of his best ideas. […]

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Judy's Blast FM

Judy’s Blast FM 86 – Jude’s Day

Welcome to episode 86 of Judy’s Blast FM. Today, Judy celebrates her 60th birthday with a celebration and a selection of music that she has enjoyed while presenting Judy’s Blast FM. All music is supplied by AirPlay Direct unless shown otherwise. As ya’ll be able to hear, Judy is having a lot of fun this episode! […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 99 – Erk’s Jukebox is STILL Better Than Judy’s Voicebox!

Welcome to episode 99 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk is again standing in for Judy. Her voice keeps improving but she is on medication for it (finally). We decided to give her another week to rest her voice so she can be back next week for episode 100. JUDY IS NOT GOING TO MISS EPISODE 100 OF BLAST FROM THE PAST. So Erk has his digital jukebox out again and presents a selection of comedy songs from The FuMP (The Funny Music Project). […]