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Erk Pod 465 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 12 – Streetcar Sunday in San Francisco

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 465. Seeing as though Streetcar Saturday had to be postponed due to no streetcars, there were streetcars on Sundays. The trackwork was only for Saturday & Sunday’s schedule was unaffected so Streetcar Saturday became Streetcar Sunday.


At the start of the day, Erk listens to an NFL game on a radio inside a shop. The local football team (the San Francisco 49ers) were playing in the post-season on their way to the 2014 Superbowl. Erk doesn’t know everything about American football however he knows enough to get by.


Later on, Streetcar Sunday starts in earnest. San Francisco have imported various streetcars from different parts of America & across the world. Of particular interest was an unusual looking and sounding streetcar from Blackpool, England. […]