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Erk Pod

Erk Pod 490 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle (A Weekend In Atlanta)

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 490. After sailing on 70000 Tons of Metal, Erk flies out of Miami and spends the weekend in Atlanta. Meeting up again with Captain Jeff from the Airline Pilot Guy podcast, together we got to explore the city – or at least the outside of some buildings. Coke Centre? KLOSED. CNN Tour? KLOSED. Aquarium? KLOSED. Thankfully there was a nice place to eat that was open as well as Atlanta’s tallest building. Still, the company was awesome & Erk was able to give Jeff an impromptu train driving lesson. In addition, Erk was able to observe Jeff observing what it is like to see a plane land when normally he is on his side of the cockpit door.


Captain Jeff-less on Sunday, Erk explores Atlanta, tours the CNN Centre (highly recommended!) & even tries his hand at newsreading. He spends the evening at Hooters watching the NFL Superbowl. It was a short time but a good time in Atlanta.  […]