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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 479 – Blasting Back To September

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 479. Erk decides to have a look back at a September themed episode of Judy’s Blast FM from September 2009. Judy (Erk’s mum) used to podcast with Erk on a talk show called Blast From The Past before starting her own music show Judy’s Blast FM. A theme of the show was her discovering (as Erk would say) that there is more to music than country and/or western.


Song list:


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Blast From The Past

Channel Erk Special Announcement Episode – New Subscriptions & New Website #mevioluxury

This special episode gives you an update of what is happening around Channel Erk with the podcasts resuming today (Monday 06 February 2012) commencing with Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19. If you listen to this via a show subscription for an individual show or the Channel Erk Mega Feed, you will continue to receive regular episodes. See the website for more details. […]

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Judy's Blast FM

Judy’s Blast FM 122 – NoRockvember Week 1

Welcome to episode 122 of Judy’s Blast FM. Judy is back in the studio after Erk’s holiday and she is a little rusty! Last month was Rocktober so last year, we decided to balance it out in November calling it NoRockvember. Judy has decided to do the same thing this year for the month. This week, Judy features blues, swing & jazz. All music is supplied by AirPlay Direct. […]