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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 85 – Horses, Horses, Horses

Welcome to episode 85 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy talk about horses, elephants and more. We have a range of horse songs this week!

Roof insulation installation
MUSIC: Flying Horses by The Simple Things
Elephant update – Melbourne Zoo
MUSIC: Snowflake & Horses by Jason Ricci
Present from Tiggr
CD from Byran Wiseman
MUSIC: Trance & Horses by DJ Com
Pub Lunch Nom Nom Nom
MUSIC: High Horses by The Wyrd Sisters
The car is nice and clean
MUSIC: Fast Horses by Burgoo Kings
Judy’s trip to The Man From Snowy River Experience last Saturday
BED MUSIC: Bumble Boogie by Danny Fong (Podsafe Music Network) […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 36 – Horses

Welcome to episode 36 of Blast From The Past. Judy is flying solo but after some epic FAIL that she’ll tell you about during the episode, she’ll probably need to listen to the Relaxation episode (Blast 35) again!

On this episode, Judy continues talking about her involvement with horses. We fast forward some decades from the last time she spoke about having horses at the rear of her childhood home and she starts to talk about the horse called Lucky.

And by sheer co-incidence, Judy finds a horse story for the “What Ticks Me Off” segment.

So saddle up and gallop into the sunset listening to this story of a horse called Lucky…….. […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 27 – Horses (part 1)

Welcome to episode 27 of Blast From The Past. This is part 1 of Judy talking about her life around horses. In this episode, Judy talks a lot about horses, looking after horses and her various jobs around them as a teenager. Somehow Erk contributes after being convinced to stay on the panel and mentions some interesting facts about names of race horses and the colours of jockeys/drivers. In future shows, Judy will talk more about owning horses as an adult.

This episode is timed perfectly to celebrate Horses Birthday here in Australia which is on August 1. […]

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Judy's Blast FM

Judy’s Blast FM 4 – Horses & Cocktail Pop

Welcome to this episode of Judy’s Blast FM. Judy had trouble finding horse related songs but wanted to do a horse themed show. And considering Erk had even more trouble finding elephant songs, Judy has found some cocktail pop songs to go with the horse songs. […]