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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 40 – Army Days II

Welcome to episode 40 of Blast From The Past. In this continuation of episode 33, Judy continues to talk about her time working with the Australian Army. Find out what Judy did in the army and what skills she learned. But the Army wasn’t all work as many of the soliders lived outside of the local area so Judy and other workers played tour guides and entertainers to the soliders to make them feel more at home.

Also find out what Judy has been up to lately.

NOTE: We had some audio FAIL with the Taser. […]

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Judy's Blast FM

Judy’s Blast FM 18 – Fire

Welcome to episode 18 of Judy’s Blast FM. To celebrate the start of the Australian bushfire season, Judy has selected various songs with a fire theme from the Podsafe Music Network. To hear Judy and Erk talk about about fire related topics, listen to Blast From The Past episode 34. […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 39 – Feedback VI

Welcome to episode 39 of Blast From The Past. There is a stranger in the studio sitting alongside Judy. Somehow Judy let him back into the studio for 2 episodes in a row! LOL.

Together, Judy and the stranger read listener feedback from recent episodes of Blast From The Past and talk about the episodes. This is a great way to re-live memories, hear about shows you have missed and it is a lot of fun.

Thank you to Shawno, Jen & Jennymaid for contributing to the show.

In the episode, we mention a gallery of historic local photos that Jennymaid referred us to. You can search for various items around the area. There are a variety of photos spanning several decades in the collection that contains over 3000 photos. If you are looking for the street that Judy lived in as a child, search for Castlereagh Street Penrith (and not Castlereagh Road Penrith as that is a separate area). […]