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Erk FM: Metal Monday

Erk FM: Metal Monday 150 – Celebrating With A Little Help From My Friends

Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday 150. Another milestone episode as Erk celebrates 150 episodes. This podcast was started as an off-shoot from Erk FM in October 2011. Since then, Erk has presented a range of hard rock, industrial & various forms of metal from around the world. He has interviewed bands in a variety of locations including from the male toilets at a gig, around a kitchen table, back stage as well as on a cruise ship. There’s been a range of gigs in front of half a dozen people to tours and cruise ships.


To open the episode, Erk has a couple of guests with him to tell him how to say the name of a certain band. Then Erk features a series of English bands supplied to Erk by Ro of Dark Compass. Speaking of Ro, there’s a snippet from Erk’s recent trip to the UK. There’s also a lot of promos from various bands that have not been played for a while. 



Song list (all times approximate):

  • 03:50 – Die Boten – Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (via 70000 Tons of Metal)
  • 07:15 – Die Sonne Scheint – Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (via 70000 Tons of Metal)
  • 10:53 – Hunting Pirates – Turisas (via 70000 Tons of Metal)
  • 14:35 – Broadsword – Turisas (via 70000 Tons of Metal)
  • 25:26 – Get Out! Get Out! – Kill The Silence (via Dark Compass)
  • 30:49 – Surround – Beloved Breakdown (via Dark Compass)
  • 34:32 – We Know The Enemy – Collisions (via Dark Compass)
  • 39:09 – Wishing I Had Time – Core Of Io (via Dark Compass)
  • 44:33 – A Good Idea Realised – Baby Godzilla (via Dark Compass)
  • 47:07 – Insanity Project – Exist Immortal (via Dark Compass)
  • 51:33 – Beyond Embers & The Earth – Falloch (via Dark Compass) 
  • 01:07:03 – Movement – Idiom (via Dark Compass)
  • 01:11:33 – Ground Zero – Inherit The Stars (via Dark Compass)
  • 01:15:57 – 29% – Miroist (via Dark Compass)
  • 01:32:32 – Heroes Are Welcome – October File (via Dark Compass) 
  • 01:37:41 – Before The Storm – Polar (via Dark Compass) 
  • 01:42:53 – Hot Knives & Open Sores – Orange Goblin (via Dark Compass) 
  • 01:48:06 – The Strawman – Ravenous (via Dark Compass)
  • 01:55:57 – Tolerance – Reverted (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:00:20 – The Waining Moon – Seventh Seeker (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:29:10 – Tear Me Down – Skarlett Riot (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:33:10 – In Her Name – Such Sights (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:36:16 – Dangerous World – Fury (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:48:58 – Bring It Back – The Hell (via Dark Compass)
  • 02:53:00 – Sign Off – Tricore (via Dark Compass) 


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Erk To The Penalty Box

Erk To The Penalty Box 010 – Roadtripping Across The AIHL

Welcome to episode 10 of Erk To The Penalty Box. On this week’s episode, Erk reviews the last weekend of Australian Ice Hockey League action (9-10 August), previews next weekend (16/17 August) and the run up to the finals. There’s talk about social media, 2 games Erk attended over the weekend, dancing with a moose and more. 


Theme & Intermission music provided by The Zambonis & post-game entertainment supplied by Foundry Road. The National Anthem of New Zealand obtained from National Anthems Info.


1st Period:

  • Introduction
  • Match Review: Ice Dogs 8 defeated Bears 0 (Saturday)
  • Match Review: Mustangs 4 defeated Brave 2 (Saturday)
  • Match Review: Brave 4 defeated Mustangs 2 (Sunday)
  • Match Review: Ice 4 defeated Adrenaline 2 (Saturday)
  • Match Review: Ice 3 defeated Adrenaline 1 (Sunday)
  • Match Review: North Stars 5 defeated Thunder 4 (Saturday)
  • Match Review: Thunder 8 defeated Ice Dogs 2 (Sunday)
  • Match Review: North Stars 6 defeated Bears 2 (Sunday)


1st Zamboni Break (music by The Zambonis):

  • Here Comes The Zamboni
  • Drop That Puck
  • Head In The Game


2nd Period:

  • Preview of upcoming weekend
  • Erk’s weekend of hockey in Sydney and Newcastle
  • Dancing with a moose


2nd Zamboni Break (music by The Zambonis)

  • Here Comes The Zamboni
  • Slapshot  Love
  • Slapshot Man


3rd Period:

  • East Coast Super League All Stars game
  • Erk’s social media gig
  • Apple TV


Post Game Entertainment (music by Foundry Road)

  • Away From You
  • Electric Scar
  • Burning Bridges


Foundry Road were one of the first local metal bands that Erk saw in the underground/unsigned metal scene in Sydney. Their vocalist is a clown but if you see a band photo or see them live, you’ll know that is indeed correct.   […]

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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 474 – South Australia Sampler

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 474. Erk continues his trip around the country featuring Australian artists courtesy of AirPlay Direct. This time, Erk focuses on South Australia and the capital city, Adelaide.



Song list:

  • Square Peg – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • Why  – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • If You Were Me  – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • Everybody Wants To Touch Me – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • Somewhere In The City  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • Sydney From A 747  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • To Her Door  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • All The Wandering – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Heart Of It All  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Blue Sky Boy  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Soliders Fortune  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Country RnR – The Texettes (AirPlay Direct)
  • All These Years – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Humpy Bumpy – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Don’t Look Back  – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Put A Bit Back  – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Punk Is A Lie – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Argument Party – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Blow – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Disappear – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)


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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 473 – Nanu Nanu

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 473. This week, one of Erk’s favourite comedians died unexpectedly, Robin Williams. While there’s nothing that he did that could be played on Erk FM, Erk thought that he would play some humourous songs instead.



Song list:

  • Talk The Talk – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Little Angel  – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Lovin’ You Don’t Pay  – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • Boogaloo Blues – Titty Bingo (direct)
  • The Goalie Is Drunk –  The Zambonis (direct)
  • Away Game – The Zambonis (direct)
  • Here Comes The Zamboni – The Zambonis (direct)
  • America’s Worst Driver – The FuMP (direct)
  • Podcasting For Old People – The FuMP (direct)
  • I’m Not Your Personal IT Department – The FuMP (direct)
  • Tweeting On A Jet Plane – The FuMP (direct)
  • All You Can Tweet – The FuMP (direct)
  • Why Are You Friending Me On Facebook – The FuMP (direct)
  • I Hate Mondays – The FuMP (direct)
  • 99 Words For Boobs –The FuMP (direct)
  • Because Boobs –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • Sad Face Emoticon  –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • Obey The Beard  –  Psychostick (Asher Media Relations)
  • You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man – The Beards (via Suffolk & Cool) 


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Erk Pod

Erk Pod 504 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 45 (Tokyo)

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 504. Erk has been in America for over 40 days and this episode sees his first full day in Japan. His first visit to Japan was in 2011 & he stayed in Nippori. This time, Erk stays near Shinjuku. Having seen a lot of snow in recent weeks, Erk is not expecting the snow to disappear & his first full day in Japan sees that there is snow still around. In fact, Tokyo is recovering after the highest amount of snow in Tokyo for around 40 years a few days prior to Erk’s arrival. Much like in 2011, Erk is amazed by what is going on around him although he is a little more prepared this time. […]

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Erk FM: Metal Monday

Erk FM: Metal Monday 149 – Metal Makes Erk Happy

Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 149. On this episode, Erk opens the episode with some music that makes him happy as he counts down to episode 150. There’s a look back at some bands that recent listeners may be hearing for the first time but Erk has seen live many times before. All bands have appeared on Erk FM: Metal Monday before.



Song list:


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Erk Pod

Erk Pod 503 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 44 (Tokyo)

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 503. Crossing the International Date Line once again, Erk finds that a Tuesday afternoon departure from LAX becomes a Wednesday evening arrival into Tokyo. Rather than forgetting where he was staying & having a border security interview like he did in 2011, Erk remembered where he was staying and manages to navigate his way to his hotel by airport high speed train and a couple of subway trains. He even manages to buy a smartcard & acquire some Japanese money. […]