October 1, 2023

Erk To The Penalty Box

Bears Mascot Erk May 2014




Welcome to Erk To The Penalty Box! A new project of Erk’s, there are a combination of written articles and podcast episodes, primarily about the Australian Ice Hockey League.



Erk was originally seriously introduced to the sport in America in January 2014. Since then, he has learnt about the rules and customs of the sports by watching games in the Western Hockey League (WHL), National Hockey League (NHL) & the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL).


Regular podcast episodes have now commenced and will be weekly during the remainder of the 2014 AIHL season. Episodes will feature Erk’s opinions in relation to the AIHL, WHL & NHL. Outside the AIHL season (April – September), episodes will be produced less regularly depending on events in the WHL & NHL.Most podcasts will be in the regular Erk style but with some format changes while mirror those of a hockey game. There will be some music on the show as well with intermission entertainment provided (with permission) by The Zambonis. Snippets of other songs from independent and unsigned artists will also feature.


Erk is writing for the Hewitt Sports Network primarily focusing on the AIHL. Erk is writing content based on his two local teams, the Sydney Bears & the Sydney Ice Dogs.


All opinions are those of Erk alone if not stated otherwise and do not reflect the view of any competition, competing club or Hewitt Sports Network. Articles have been reproduced here as a common place to find all of Erk’s articles.



Latest Podcast Episodes




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AIHL Talk On Twitter


Twitter is one place that AIHL fans gather to talk about games, promote the game and provide information. During games that Erk attends, he will live-tweet match information. Contribute to the stream below and the conversation by using the hashtag #AIHL.

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