Erk FM 61 – Smoke on the water, social networking in the sky

Welcome to episode 61 of Erk FM. This episode’s music comes to you via bands who have found Channel Erk and Erk FM via social networking or social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook. Also, other music podcasts are an awesome source of music as you’ll hear with the first song.


Song list:

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  1. “Let the Sunlight In” is an amazingly good song! Everything I’ve heard from AMMP is awesome.

    I also really enjoyed the music of Stormy Strong in this episode. Very pretty, and it rocks! I’m really feeling those tracks as I listen to your show today.

    “In My Head” by Waltzing for Debbie sounds like a song I should put on my Inside My Head show sometime. The title just fits, somehow. 😉

    Clever title for this show. I know that song!

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