Erk Pod 236 – Erk Goes Plane Crazy Down Under

Welcome to episode 236 of Erk Pod. Erk ventures into the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and ventures into the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast studio. Plane Crazy Down Under (or PCDU for short) is hosted by Steve and Grant and takes a look at the aviation scene in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. In this interview, you’l find out about how the podcast started, the aviation podcast community, Steve’s love of editing and various commentary on aviation issues. For more details on the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, visit the website.

If you think you might enjoy the podcast, you can also hear Steve and Grant on the Australian Desk on the Airplane Geeks podcast which is an American based aviation podcast. You will hear the piece that Steve and Grant produced while Erk was in the studio on episode 79 of the Airplane Geeks as well as at the end of Erk Pod episode 238.



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Duration: 76 minutes

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  1. I hate flying, and I’m not really into planes. But, I found this interview interesting to listen to anyway. Those guys are obviously knowledgeable about the subject matter for their podcast, and have a nice sense of humor. It’s always fun to learn how people got started podcasting.

  2. Okay Erk… now you’ve done it. You’ve introduced me to yet another Podcast I really want to listen to. But if I did that would leave even less time for Erkpod podcasts. So I won’t do it. I won’t I won’t I won’t. Hmmm… so so tempting.

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