Erk Pod 235 – Last Sydney Episode for 2009

Welcome to this episode of Erk Pod. It will be the last studio based episode of Erk Pod this year because after Xmas, Erk is off to Melbourne for the week! So therefore, this will be the last episode in Sydney for the year as well. Next week’s episode will be released as normal recorded in Melbourne and I will be hoping to get at least a couple of interviews done as well as doing some Echo’ing from the streets and rails of Melbourne! On this episode:

  • Housekeeping!
  • Erk FM episode 50 report
  • Erk’s introduction to his new Fire Control Centre
  • Erk’s original and current plans for the Xmas/NY period
  • Erk’s Trip to the City & Scooter Man!
  • Bus strike affects Sydney commuters
  • Snow traps many people in Eurostar trains
  • Feedback – Shawno re Erk Pod episode 233
  • Voicemail – Robert Gasperson re Erk Pod episode 233

FOOTNOTE: Just after recording this episode, Eurostar trains had just started running again between Paris and London after 4 days of no services.



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Duration: 63 minutes

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  1. Trapped on a train in the dark, in a tunnel under the English Channel between England and France! (There are about 21 miles at the shortest point between the two countries I believe). OMGOODNESS!!!! That would have to be one of my all time nightmares. Those passengers were so brave!! As someone who will not put herself into a confined space underwater and shakes at the thought of a submarine, AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!

    It was a situation waiting to happen. Surely someone could now invent something to put on the undercarriage to detect snow/ice/moisture. Or failing that, a guard on the departing station could check under each carriage before departure if there has been any snow or ice.

    Getting out of the train and navigating to the emergency route in the dark must have been very scary. And, it sounds as though the staff need extra training for their emergency procedures. It’s lucky the doctor was available. I expect there will be some report with recommendations forthcoming after this incident.

    It must have been a very harrowing experience indeed, and I cannot blame them if they never want to take the Eurostar, or any train again.

    Erk, it also made me wonder, would you like to drive a train through such a long tunnel? Also have you ever driven a train in the snow?

    Bye for now Jennymaid

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