Erk Pod 233 – Bugs, Trains, Icebergs & Peanuts

Welcome to episode 233 of Erk Pod. Erk is back in the studio and has a lot of stories and feedback to get through. In this episode:



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Duration: 94 minutes

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  1. I had a big, long, comment typed in here, but my browser ate it. 🙁 I’ll try and remember some of what I originally wrote.

    I’m not sure that bunny was speaking Spanish this episode. It might have been Italian. All I could catch of it was she started with something like: “It is now…” and finished with “help me”. The second time, I’m fairly certain bunny said it was seven o’clock. (Not 8, which is what time you said it was). Perhaps bunny is on a different time zone than you are? In her last comment, I think she said she wanted you to pass her something of yours, please, but I didn’t catch what she wanted you to pass.

    This show contained extra “Peanut…..Peanut….Peanut….Peanut”! 😀

    Thank you for playing my Spanish comment. Ironically, today, as I listen to this episode, I no longer have that job. Oh well. Also, thank you for reading all my other comments on this show. Yes, the “Christmas music” I was referring to was the guitar filled transition music you use.

    Google thinks “Shawnogram” is “Sean O’ Grahamn”. It Irish-ed up the name! 😉

    I am offended by Scott’s comment in regards to people who “scream poverty” because, in his opinion “they don’t want to do Jury Duty”, and that people “lie” about this in an effort to avoid Jury Duty. Scott, himself, goes on to say that he has never lived “hand to mouth”, that his employers always have paid people their usual wage when they are called to Jury Duty, and that he has never done Jury Duty himself. My suggestion to Scott is that he sticks to talking about things he actually knows a lot about, (such as the ham radio he discussed later in his comment), instead of making derogatory comments about people who cannot afford to go to Jury Duty because their employer will not compensate them for the money they would have made if they were at work. Scott sounds as though he thinks that people who have less money than he does are lazy, stupid, and/or deceitful, simply because they have less money than him. This is unacceptable. How about some compassion for people whose lives aren’t as easy as yours has always been, Scott?

    Listening to you, Erk, explain how the fire duty works with your train job, and how Jury Duty works where out there was very interesting to hear about.

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