Blast From The Past 43 – Housekeeeeping II

Welcome to episode 43 of Blast From the Past. In this episode, Judy decided that she liked the idea of housekeeping so much from last week’s show that she’d continue it this week.


For the benefit of new listeners, we talk at some length about how Judy started podcasting and how Blast From The Past started in February 2009. We then talk through her progression through to the current day. We also tell the difference between Blast From The Past and Judy’s Blast FM.


We find out about some projects that Judy has been involved in with Erk’s help namely the 300th episode of Zaldor’s World, a small vocal part in a new song by Devo Spice from The FuMP and a part in the zombie podcast novel Dead Hunt by Kenn Crawford.


Then we talk about one of Judy’s favourite subjects, bull riding (again) and Erk asks a really good question.


We then continue the “housekeeeeeping” talk from last week and find out what Robert Wagner & Sabrina Miller from Portland Sucks and thought of Erk & Judy’s “housekeeeeeping” impersonations from last week. Featured at the end of the episode is a long montage of “housekeeeping” from both Blast From The Past and Portland Sucks from last week (thanks to Robert for allowing me to use their audio).


We talk fire season again and Judy gives a strong opinion about how fires should be though while Erk briefly updates us on current fire activity and his role this week.


Songs: Smoke Protector – Life Protector by Rich Palmer & It’s Christmas Time Again by The Hot Rods.


  1. I’m proud of you, Judy, for sticking with it, and continuing to podcast even when things got frustrating. Part of learning how to podcast is learning how to deal with the frustration about things that don’t work right the first time around. Good for you, for working through it all! You’ve come a long way. 🙂 I’m glad that podcasting is helping you as a form of therapy. It certainly has helped me! 😉 I am honored that you consider me a big influence in your podcasting. So nice! Thank you.

    I have one of those “little e” computers! Aren’t they cute, and fun to use? I love mine, too. 🙂

    Judy, when you were talking about learning something, and writing it down in “your words”…. that reminds me of me. Except half my words are pictures, and some are in Spanish. Whatever works, I say. You also said something about knowing the word in your brain, but are unable to get it to come out your mouth. Me too!

    Glad you liked the elephant photos. I thought of you when I saw them , so I sent them to you to enjoy.

    What’s the internet for, Erk? Have you been listening to the songs from Avenue Q? 😉

    Ok, ya got me… what’s a “tittle tattle”? I’ve never heard of that one.

    I really enjoy listening to the poetry you read that was written by your brother, Judy. It’s lovely!

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