Blast From The Past 42 – Housekeeeeeppiiinnggg!

Welcome to episode 42 of Blast From The Past. Judy is joined in the studio again by Erk. In this episode:



  1. I bet it felt good to drive again, Judy.

    Sounds like Jennymaid is doing an excellent job as the official Research Assistant of Blast From the Past!

    Thanks, once again, for the Inside My Head NaPodPoMo shout-out. 🙂 Very kind of Judy to say my show is “on the top of (her) list”, and that the show is “fantastic”. Makes me happy.

    I have also subscribed to the Spanking Bea Arthur podcast you mentioned in this episode. That’s another one I had not heard of before NaPodPoMo, that I ended up really enjoying. And I also enjoyed listening to Jennifer Navarette’s interviews.

    Sounds to me like Judy hates flies as much as I hate ants. And that’s a lot!

    Hyper Nonsense = three of other people’s podcasts? Awesome! I love that.

    Listening to Erk talk about the different kinds of fire warnings was interesting. I like hearing about how all that kind of stuff works.

    The part at the end with the drum roll made me laugh! 🙂
    Great show!

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