Erk Pod 230 – Erk goes back to his wacky roots…..

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 230. In this episode:



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Duration: 79 minutes

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  1. I’ve listened to that interview with Rob from Deuce Management on Erk FM. That was really interesting!

    That sound bite of “Peanut…. Peanut… Peanut…. Peanut” still makes me lol! And so does Judy’s cat impressions!

    My vote for the most “Peanut-worthery” is: The underage flasher who caused a bus to crash into a police station. Complete stupidity! Second place goes to : the teacher who overreacted about condoms. Also stupid! Less people hurt in that story, though, so it gets second place.

    In regards to the kid named after the car…. I used to teach a girl named Kia. Her last name was Ford. She had a sister name Caprice. No, I’m not kidding. Somebody in their family must have really liked cars.

    Thanks for reading my comment from a previous show on your show today. 😀 Is the guy with the zombie novel still looking for voice actors? I bet I am too late now.

    Still kind of cringing at the remake of the GNR song. Spent way too many years listening to GNR back in the day for their songs to sound right to me if anybody else does them.

    Panda channel? I wanna watch that!

    Great show!

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