Erk Pod 226 – Erk Pod is Awesome? ORLY!

Welcome to episode 226 of Erk Pod. In this episode:



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Duration: 111 minutes

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  1. I thought about auditioning for that zombie show, too. But I’ve got enough projects to deal with right now. And I don’t know how our weird Halloween traditions started here in the U.S. But people enjoy it, and it’s mostly harmless. So, whatever.

  2. I might have misheard, but I could have sworn that when you were giving the examples of that psychological test you said, “Strongly Disagree.” And I could have sworn the question was, “Do you think it’s wrong to kill someone?”

    I would hope that would be reason enough to turn someone down for pretty much any job. Except maybe executioner or military, of course. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t have given that answer while taking that test. 🙂

  3. Audioboo is fun! I just started messing around with that recently, as an experiment for NaPodPoMo.

    Listening to you sing my IMH theme song made me smile. That was awesome! 🙂

    Somehow, I was completely oblivious that the Zombie novel even existed. Congrats to you, for getting cast in it! Sounds exciting! I’m going to check out that podio-book as soon as I get through all the NaPodPoMo stuff.

    My vote for “Peanut of the Week” goes to the crying students. Honestly, if you don’t know the answer to an essay question, B.S., and a decent style of writing will get you far! Everyone should know that. I did consider voting for whomever was supposed to keeping watch over the guy from the first article as “Peanut of the Week”, too.

    As far as Halloween, I love it, but I cannot explain exactly why to someone who isn’t into it. And, many people take their kids trick-or-treating at the shopping malls, which is considered much safer than going door to door to strangers houses. One year at the bookstore I used to work at, we handed out plastic bookmarks to the kids who showed up in costume. Its fun.

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