Erk Pod Round Table 12, Part 2 (Dec 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 2. 74 minutes. Episode 164
In this episode:
  • Welcome back!
  • Bunny doesn’t think so …….. what?
  • Does Orange Tim’s water love him?
  • Where’s Donut Boy?
  • What is everyone drinking?
  • The Bunny Messages of Doom
  • Talk about the “throwing shoes at GW Bush” story
  • Would the Americans have been upset if the shoe hit the President?
  • Bunny wants to join a choir
  • The patient from hell?
  • Taking your patient for a walk
  • Plans for Tim’s show “Despatches from Agent Orange”
  • Tiggr’s plans after retirement
  • The John C Dvorak drinking game
  • David’s response to Erk’s ISP rant in Erk Pod episode 157
  • More talk about bandwidth caps and charges
  • Are you up to date with Nannapoopoo from last month?
  • Various discussions in relation to maternity/paternity leave
  • Don’t call Tim Herbert or Shirley
  • Pain relief for Dummies by Orange Tim
  • Email from Rocket Propelled Geeks warning us to watch our heads when dancing
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Go Away – Trey Green
  • Song in full
  • End of episode



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Duration: 74 minutes

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