Erk Pod Round Table 12, Part 1 (Dec 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 1. 62 minutes. Episode 163
In this episode:
  • Welcome to Erk Pod Round Table 12. Pedal harder, Donut Boy!
  • Introduction to panelists
  • Grizzly did a custom promo for Erk! Very cool
  • What’s not very cool is Skype dramas. Skype FAIL
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Call Me – Daydream on Autopilot
  • Discussion regarding the previous song
  • Tim’s gone floppy
  • Shout out to uStream chatters
  • Flashback to Drue’s first episode 12 months ago
  • The Round Table isn’t round according to Grizzly
  • Have you done your Xmas shopping yet?
  • Richard asks if there are any Americans with coin for Xmas shopping
  • Has Erk ever considered becoming a Santa?
  • Australian PM Kevin Rudd gets a new nickname and insults the Aussie troops
  • How old is Olivia Newton-John?
  • Welcome David
  • More Skype and ADSL FAIL
  • MUSIC DOUBLE SHOT: (with Skype commentary)  Merry Christmas – Kelly Richey and It’s You & Me This Christmas – Deni Bonet
  • We can hear Richard’s daughter and Richard playing with a toy.
  • Music in full
  • End of episode



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Duration: 62 minutes

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