Erk Pod Round Table 10, Part 4 (Oct 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 153) – Part 4. 67 minutes

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Jim, Stephen, Shawno, Jen, Tiggr, Tim, Grizzly

  • Welcome back but goodbye Tiggr
  • Welcome to Tim from Some Guys In a Car podcast and Grizzly from the Grizzly Growls podcast
  • Erk gives a suggestion to Stephen about what to do when he goes on holidays
  • Grizzly is live in a bar in Wisconsin and gives us a live report
  • Grizzly is doing NaPodPoMo or as he called it Nanapoopoo
  • Bye Grizzly!
  • ADSL fail again
  • Music: Lovebugs – Fire Fighter
  • Welcome back Skype
  • Richard’s turned Japanese
  • Where Richard wants to go in the UK
  • Are handguns outlawed in England?
  • Shawno’s found some haiku
  • Shawno’s mute button FAIL
  • The source of the bells is revealed!
  • Stephen’s pulled an all nighter but hasn’t woken his girlfriend up
  • Mobile phone use can be bad for male reproduction
  • What causes cancer – anything and everything?
  • Podcast Awards wrap up
  • Richard’s Microsoft and Apple rants
  • Hey Shawno, what’s for dinner?
  • Shawno’s mic mute FAIL again
  • Apple has removed Firewire ports from their new computers
  • Time for Shawno and Jen to eat.
  • 80 dings on the Ding-o-meter that according to Leigh has a fair use policy
  • If you think that Leigh has mis-counted the dings, feel free to count them yourself!
  • Time to get ready to go
  • We are having a BBQ after the Round Table
  • The perils of reading old news
  • Leigh has survived through an entire Round Table!
  • Thanks to Nathan, Squeak and OG for their voicemails that we will play next time
  • Birthday shout out
  • Erk is not buying an iPhone
  • Jim thinks he can control Bunny from there
  • Thank you everyone
  • Awaiting final ding count from Leigh
  • Goodnight interweb!



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Duration: 67 minutes

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