Erk Pod Round Table 10, Part 3 (Oct 2008)

PART 3 Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 152) – Part 3. 92 minutes

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Tee, Pip, Stephen, Jim, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • Father takes his son to court in Nigeria for being idle
  • Nuns are scary
  • Writing with the wrong hand – being left handed was considered to be bad many years ago
  • Doing various things left or right handed including playing drums, shooting guns and more
  • Running count on the Ding-o-meter: 35
  • Driving left and right hand drives on the opposite of the road.
  • Differences between driving in the US and Canadia
  • International Highways in Australia?
  • Erk’s building a tunnel or a bridge from Australia to Hawaii?
  • The Bridge to Nowhere
  • Has QANTAS crashed lately and did Catherine make it to LA on the A380?
  • The aftermath of the QANTAS incident between Singapore and Perth where the plane suddenly dropped
  • Airplane V UFO near miss in the UK?
  • Tim reads a report in character
  • Tim tries to resuscitate Anastacia Bunny
  • Jim got an iPhone and feels dirty. He reviews his new purchase
  • Bunny Alert!
  • Richard plays some comedy classics
  • Mysterious explosion and lights in Central Australia
  • Bunny Alert!
  • Whose weapons? Slow news day for the BBC?
  • Tim loses it after a KKK reference
  • Richard’s got his show done, he thinks
  • People not swearing on Erk Pod but going onto Richard’s show and letting loose
  • Soft pron on 60 Minutes last weekend. The story was talking about to how easy it is to obtain pron as well as to make it.
  • Sock puppets & Sock Puppet Theatre
  • Ireland’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Do Irish people drink as much as the stereotype?
  • Bye Pip! Bye Tee!
  • 50th Ding!
  • Haiku of Frustration success for Erk!
  • Tim announces his podcast title for NaPodPoMo – Dispatches of Agent Orange
  • What are Shawno & Jen doing for NaPodPoMo?
  • Reflecting on NaPodPoMo 2007 and 2008
  • Welcome Tiggr!
  • Erk can tick off another US state on his list!
  • Drue got a new dog on Facebook and Richard’s dog still can’t catch
  • Where is Idaho?
  • On air production meeting.
  • The return of “The Levers of Katoomba” becomes the Voice Over Guy off between Tim and Leigh. To vote, email and tell us who was better. This will be announced at the next Round Table.
  • What has Jim complained about this week?
  • Running total of Dings: 65
  • Tim’s leaving now to go to an Airshow. Drue asks if Tim is going to take photos.
  • The year is young according to Tim
  • Music: Lizards from Afar – Batphone (thanks Jen)



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Duration: 92 minutes

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