Erk Pod Round Table 10, Part 2 (Oct 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 151) – Part 2. 86 minutes

This part contains adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Tee, Pip, Stephen, Jim, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back
  • Drue and Orange Tim are enjoying breakfast
  • Leigh is adding up the dings and bells of self-promotion
  • Fighting over who gets to sit in Pip’s passenger seat.
  • Calling shotgun
  • Remakes of TV shows for different markets. For instance, the Australian version of “Kath & Kim” was remade into an American version and was canned in Australia after two episodes. It has been panned by American critics.
  • Watching Australian TV in the UK
  • Dukes of Hazzard and what happened when the two main actors ask for more money and the network sacks them. The show nose-dived and the actors came back but it was too late by that stage.
  • Money and acting. Are lower paid actors better than overpaid actors?
  • Some TV shows do not know when to die.
  • Remembering classic TV shows
  • Tee’s old lady fantasy and Erk backs Tee up
  • Welcome Shawno & Jen
  • What time does the Round Table start?
  • Laugh off between Jen and Pip and the Voice Over Guy off between Leigh and Tim?
  • The debut of the Erk Pod Horns of FAIL, thanks to Shawno
  • Running total on the Ding meter is 27 according to Leigh
  • Orange Tim thinks that the last 90 minutes has been an introduction
  • The potential NZ Immigration Minister gets himself into a row after two racial slurs against two cultural groups
  • What’s going on in November?
  • People’s reactions to morphine. Erk doesn’t get the reactions that a lot of other people report.
  • Latest US election update
  • Skype FAIL
  • Music: BORS23 – Fire Train
  • Welcome back Skype panelists. Skype FAIL was also ADSL FAIL
  • Australian Government proposal for interweb content filtering system without an option to opt-out.
  • What should be filtered? What shouldn’t be? Who should decide what is illegal content and what isn’t?
  • Are we heading to a Chinese style interweb?
  • Parenting and the interweb
  • Never growing up and taking an active role in parenting your child
  • Mobile phones in school
  • Mobile phones after 9/11
  • Various ages of consent
  • Voting age and compulsory voting
  • Pip’s now in the top 100 in her category on iTunes after being banned yesterday
  • World record sandwich attempt FAIL in Iran
  • Erk’s slow on the Horns of FAIL and Tee gets another plug in for Podcasting for Dummies
  • Strange noises that turns out to be Ben the Podcast Trader’s phone
  • Various mobile phone ring tones after Stephen gets a phone call at 3am
  • Leigh’s running Ding-o-meter count: 32
  • An old Doctor Who is coming back?
  • Tee taught Erk everything he knows about podcasting
  • Music: Firestar – Canadian Celtic Cowboy



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Duration: 86 minutes

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